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By October 30, 20202 Comments
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Namaste Tribe! We’re thrilled to announce that WRX is now also available on Ethereum blockchain! 🥳

Binance’s Project Token Canal is an amazing initiative to allow everyone to seamlessly transfer tokens from various blockchains to Binance Smart Chain and vice versa. It has recently added support for the Ethereum network which will allow users to convert BEP2 tokens to ERC20 tokens.

WazirX’s utility token, WRX is a part of the first batch of BTokens, i.e., ERC20 tokens created via Binance Token Canal. You can now transfer WRX to any ERC20 address using Binance! 🙌

BWRX contract on Ethereum: 0xff0a024b66739357c4ed231fb3dbc0c8c22749f5

We’re glad that WazirX is a part of the Binance ecosystem, and shares their vision of making crypto accessible to everyone. We’re confident that Project Token Canal will enable us to increase liquidity for WRX trading on different blockchains and fuel its adoption. 🚀

Happy trading!

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