What Is Bitcoin Cash? Is It Different From Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin Cash? - WazirX

The battle of supremacy between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash has been going on for quite some time now. This contradiction has split the unified crypto community of Bitcoin into two, following a hard fork. The debate concerning these two cryptos often gets heated, and this ends up confusing the investors even more. The confusion level is even bigger for novice investors who need to take the pick amongst multiple Bitcoin versions by analyzing and differentiating amongst them. Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have proposed varied means of tackling increased traffic with more efficiency. While Bitcoin Cash has opted to increase the block size, Bitcoin has chosen the Lightning Network, a second-layer solution. Only time can tell who wins the crown of popularity, but as of now, Bitcoin remains to be the dominant cryptocurrency.


The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. It has been around since 2009 and has helped worldwide buying, selling, and trading in goods, services, and other investments. In stark contrast to fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin is not regulated by any central authority. Rather the transactions are verified using computers, which can be owned even by the general public. The transactions are created in blocks that get verified by computers on solving complicated math problems. There is an upper cap of 21 million on the maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be created. Presently, more than 18 million Bitcoins are in existence, and it will take pretty long for the remaining to be placed into circulation, as every four years, the Bitcoins are reduced to half every block. If you are thinking of how to buy bitcoin in India then you need to initially get your KYC verified as this is a basic requirement of any bitcoin exchange. 

Bitcoin Cash

From the very onset of Bitcoin’s existence, the network started revealing signs of weakness. It failed to handle adequate transactions per second, which could compete with centralized payment systems such as Visa. An increase in transactions around the globe caused Bitcoin to hike up their average transaction fee to $55 by the end of 2017. This scaling issue was addressed by numerous off-scaling solutions, including the Lightning Network, as well as, other side-chain scaling options. Blockchain developer Amaury Séchet came up with the concept of Bitcoin ABC to keep scaling on-chain. The fork of Bitcoin protocol was initiated in August 2017, and it was completed after the Segregated Witness (SegWit) update was launched for improving Bitcoin’s scalability slightly. Bitcoin Cash was produced out of this fork and the resulting crypto adhered to the original Bitcoin codebase while removing the implications of the SegWit upgrade. The maximum block size was also increased to 8MB from the initial 2MB following the fork. This allowed for greater data processing per transaction. Bitcoin Cash as a currency, operates in the same way as that of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin has presently become a store of value, whereas Bitcoin Cash is considered to be a means of exchange.
  • Bitcoin Cash levies an average transaction fee of $0.023, which allows users to ring in more savings compared to Bitcoin trading. 
  • The transfer time of Bitcoin Cash is significantly lower than Bitcoin, which might require around 10 minutes to verify a single transaction. 
  • A big point of difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the upper limit on block size for each network. The size of each block for Bitcoin is roughly 1MB. But blocks of bigger sizes have been successfully mined following the SegWit upgrade. The maximum block size of Bitcoin Cash is 32, which has helped enhance the network’s speed by increasing the number of transactions comprising each block. 
  • The 10-minute average block discovery span implemented initially by Bitcoin has also been retained by Bitcoin Cash. This paves the path for almost similar transaction confirmation times between both the chains. But the bigger size of the Bitcoin Cash block allows a greater number of transactions to be squeezed into each block. The Bitcoin Cash network can undertake approximately 100 transactions per second, which is significantly superior to Bitcoin processing 7 transactions per second (increased to 14 transactions per second following SegWit).
  • Bitcoin Cash comes with additional functions or commands, which are known as opcodes. Different opcodes disabled back in 2018 from Bitcoin were re-enabled for the Bitcoin Cash chain along with brand new additions. This difference offers Bitcoin Cash with enhanced smart contract functionality compared to Bitcoin. 

Final Words

The value of cryptocurrencies might vary according to their level of popularity and degree of usage. Bitcoin Cash was incubated with the dream of filling up the lacunas of Bitcoin and it is expected that it shall surpass the popularity of Bitcoin to snatch the numero-uno spot of the crypto market in days to come. On the first instance, Bitcoin Cash might seem like the better fit for all your cryptocurrency needs. Nevertheless, it carries certain inherent weaknesses which you need to take note of before relying on BCH

Bitcoin Cash doesn’t rank very high in terms of investor confidence, given its relatively new operation. As a result, its market penetration and adoption rate are comparatively lower than Bitcoin. The mining rate is the same for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. But if you buy Bitcoin Cash, then you will have to pay significantly lower than the rate payable to buy bitcoin in India. This also brings down the profit percentage of BCH miners compared to Bitcoin mining with the same equipment set. 

The tradability of Bitcoin Cash is less compared to Bitcoin as it has significantly less trading pairs. Most cryptocurrencies are traded against Bitcoin, and this has led to its massive popularity. The large Bitcoin community offers an advantage over Bitcoin Cash despite the former’s slow transaction speeds and lack of a clear resolution.

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