Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Webinar

Bitcoin is the most complex piece of technology invented in centuries. Experts around the world are discovering its design in the hindsight.

To understand Bitcoin, you have to be at the intersection of maths, cryptography, economics, monetary policy, psychology, information technology, game theory, governance, and sovereignty.

This webinar is about getting a fundamental understanding of what Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies are.

For someone who is just curious about this revolutionary technology to someone who has already taken the plunge and understands some part of it.

Get all your questions answered.

We will be covering:

  • Fundamentals of money:
    • What is money?
    • Fiat money
    • Hard money vs Easy money
    • Why Gold?
  • Bitcoin
    • Why was it created?
    • What is it?
    • Need for decentralization
    • Mining and rewards
    • Economics behind Bitcoin
  • Distributed Ledger Technology and the rise of Cryptocurrencies
    • What are cryptocurrencies
    • Types of cryptocurrencies
    • Difference between digital currencies and cryptocurrencies
    • Consensus mechanisms: Proof-of-work vs. Proof-of-Stake
  • Practicalities
    • Centralized vs Decentralised exchanges
    • Types of Wallets
    • Security tips
  • Future