WazirX Warriors November Highlights

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The fourth month of the WazirX Warriors program was outstanding, as the cryptocurrency market pumped up the warriors. The adoption rate went high, as the top influencers like BlackRock CEO and PayPal CEO spoke optimistically about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. 

The warriors’ activities/events went high, as more crypto enthusiasts joined the program in November.

Rewards worth over $5000 were distributed in November

Let us check some of the November activities by the WazirX warriors:

  • One of the WazirX warriors created projected the returns top 15 coins since their inception.
  • One of the warriors explained ‘Non-fungible tokens (NFT)’ in Quora, which got good engagement.


  • Injective Protocol (INJ) overview and analysis was projected by one of the warriors

Apart from these, there were also:

  • Webinars conducted by the warriors, even in regional language.
  • Weekly standup meeting, where more ideas sprung up, as the warriors’ size kept increasing.
  • YouTube videos, where the warriors explained and analyzed several projects/tokens.

Bitcoin has been hovering around $19k. Do you think it’ll cross $20K soon?

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