WazirX Warriors January Highlights

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The first month of 2021 was dynamic in the world of crypto. The world’s richest man updated his Twitter bio to just #bitcoin, which surged the price of BTC. Towards the end of the month, the Indian parliament presented a bill on crypto, stating some regulations to be mandated. This created havoc, as the crypto community started panicking. But the spirit of the cryptizens in India created history when the #IndiaWantsCrypto hashtag became popular on the internet, where it was trending for more than 24 hours on Twitter.

Nevertheless, our band of warriors kept spreading the right information about crypto, especially when there was FUD after the crypto bill was passed on Feb 1, 2020. The WazirX Warriors became the foremost torchbearers of the crypto community, by conducting events, creating informative videos, and sharing the right knowledge.

Rewards worth over $6500 were distributed in January

Here are some of the highlights of the January activities by the warriors:

  • Momentum Investing explained by one of the warriors on LinkedIn
  • One of the warriors created a brilliant Twitter thread on Rule 72
  • One of the warriors created a beginner’s guide on how to trade crypto

Other than these, there were:

  • Weekly stand-ups, where the warriors discussed their growth plan.
  • Explainer videos, which deciphered the various technologies behind how tokens work.
  • Selective articles by warriors got published on the WazirX blog page every week.
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