WazirX Promoting Crypto As An Education Featured on Higher Education Digest

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WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform has launched its educational initiative with the intention of spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency and its operations. WazirX community members have come forward as ‘WazirX Warriors’, in a bid to reach out to families, friends and the society at large. One of the ideas behind the initiative is to educate them about the future of this space, the technical know-how and its career prospects through webinars, meet-ups, etc.

The emergence of crypto-trading in the global currency exchange marketplace has propelled cryptocurrency to a market cap of $348 billion as of today. India has just woken up to the various possibilities of crypto trading, with many realizing the promise it holds for the future. Indian crypto exchanges like WazirX have seen their trading volume grow by over 574% in the Feb’20 to Aug’20 period alone, clocking close to $220 Million in August 2020. Further to this, WazirX has witnessed a whopping 473% increase in monthly signups on the platform since February 2020.

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