WazirX Campus Outreach: IIM – Indore

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WazirX has launched a Campus Outreach Program where we are training students of some of the top universities in India about Crypto and Blockchain.

We have been conducting webinars in top MBA colleges like IIM – Ahmedabad, IIM – Indore, NMIMS, Welingkar’s as well as engineering colleges like IITs.

Here is a snapshot of what happened at IIM – Indore:

  • 178 students participated in a one and half hour webinar where we explained the basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Students were filled with questions and it was amazing to see so many students who are enthusiastic to learn about Cryptocurrencies.

“I liked the flow of the session. How it started with definition of money and ended with cryptocurrency.”

— Arpita Saran Yadav, an IIM – Indore

The webinar received a rating of 4.5 / 5.

A snapshot of the webinar explaining ‘why we don’t use barley, whale tooth, land or cattle as money anymore.’

“We had a great experience in organizing this webinar. We would love to collaborate with you in future. Do keep us in mind for future talks. Special thanks to Pareen for the great webinar, he made it very informative and engaging,”

— Aishini Sinha, Team Infinit-I, the finance club at IIM Indore


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