TRON Price Prediction: How much is it worth in 2021?

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TRON Price Prediction 2021 - WazirX

The crypto market has been having a great time lately. But it’s not all coins that have enjoyed rally after rally. That honor has been reserved for a select few, one of which is Tron. Since March 2020, Tron or TRX price has increased by sevenfold in the crypto bull run. The TRX to INR price has pumped from 0.65 to 4.5 in just a year to be more specific. 

The Tron blockchain network is one of the busiest in the world, and its utility token TRX is one of the biggest coins, with a market cap of more than three billion dollars as of March 2021. 

Many expect Tron to register new all-time highs even after a massive bull run, but there are others expecting a price decline. Therefore, to give you an insight into the expected price action, let us look at some of the top Tron price prediction institutions. 

But before that, let’s better understand both the technology behind TRX and why it is one of the world’s busiest crypto networks. 

What is TRX?

Tron was founded by one of the most influential individuals in the cryptocurrency industry today, Justin Sun. The Tron network aims to make a truly decentralized internet. 

One of the biggest use cases of the Tron cryptocurrency network is that users can create and share content with a blockchain-based P2P network. The Tron blockchain can also host smart contracts, Dapps, and customized tokens. Unlike Ethereum, Tron developers can code in any high-level language they are most comfortable in. This gives Tron an edge over its competitors like Ethereum since developers have only Solidity to use when developing their smart contracts, Dapps, or tokens. 

Over the years, the Tron has done some major partnerships with giants in their fields like Obike and Bitmain. Influencers like Hacker noon are constantly shilling the project, with a strong and influential team full of top developers from companies like Alibaba. Tron is also working on a futuristic project,” Web 3.0,” a truly decentralized mechanism of the internet that is open for all. 

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Some of the top Tron partnerships

Tron is an industry sweetheart, boasting partnerships not just with crypto brands but even large-scale conventional brands like Samsung. Here’s a list of the top Tron partnerships:

  • Samsung: Tron Dapps will get an exclusive place in the Samsung app store and also organized a giveaway for phones from Galaxy S10 onwards.
  • Obike: Obike is one of the biggest bike-sharing companies out there to facilitate transactions and make their own utility token (oCoin).
  • Global social chain: Tron tied up with the Global social chain to create a decentralized social networking site.
  • Waves: Tron and Waves entered into a partnership to link Defi solutions between the two blockchains.

This project and the team thus have thousands of loyal holders that are holding this coin for years.

Tron price prediction in 2021

Trading beast – Bullish

According to Trading beast’s Tron price prediction 2021, Tron’s rally is almost over. The current TRX to INR price is around 3.5 (3/15/2021). By December this year, the TRX price cannot go more than INR 6. It also says that TRX will bounce of INR3 to INR6 levels multiple times throughout the year, making it a good coin to scalp.

Coinquora – Bearish

Coiquora’s Tron price prediction 2021 says that Tron will not go above the coin’s current ATH. The ATH was registered on Feb 2021, with the TRX price being INR 4.5. Coinquora also says that the 2021 TRX to INR price could go as low as INR 1.4. For those new to Tron, you may want to hedge your bets in the context of this price prediction.

Wallet investor- Bullish 

Wallet investor’s Tron price prediction is quite bullish about the project. The portal is speculating that the TRX price will at least go above INR 7 levels. Wallet investor, which has several successful calls to its name, is essentially expecting a significant rise in the currency in the near future.

Note: The above data are to provide WazirX’s readers some insights about the potential future price action. These are not financial advice of any sort and always do your own research before investing.Want to trade Tron in India? Checkout the WazirX exchange, India’s best cryptocurrency exchange. If you wish to trade with INR and USDT and BTC, we have TRX to INR pairs, too, along with many more.

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