The changing narrative: Crypto Builders, more than speculation

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CNBC-TV18 in conversation with Preethi Kasireddy

Crypto has evolved. The growth graph has been phenomenal! 2020 redefined views about Crypto assets and has changed the perception of many. 2030 will have a different picture all together! Individual industries can experience a Crypto disruption at this rate.

Masses have definitely underestimated the Crypto progress. However, though the market cap for Crypto is over a trillion, various areas still need to be ironed out. All possible use cases for these assets are not yet explored. More than that, at first, a decentralized ecosystem needs to be accepted. 

Change is inevitable, and we have to accept it eventually. To understand this era of change, Preethi Kasireddy has beautifully explained how the Crypto market has, is, and can evolve over time in episode five of ‘Digital Assets Of The Future – Crypto’. 

In this episode, you can get answers to questions like:

  • Where does the world stand today when we talk about Crypto?
  • How should we evaluate the Crypto market when so many wall street banks and corporates are not accepting Bitcoins and other Crypto assets?
  • How are various Governments approaching the concept of Crypto worldwide?
  • How are the next 5 years looking for the Crypto market?
  • On the Governance front, why is it important to have competing currencies?
  • Can we see Crypto as an asset class instead of a currency?
  •  How has India made significant investments in Crypto? With blooming interests from the retail sector and HNIs, what are the blockers?
  • Are Blockchain and Crypto separate entities?
  • Can we expect that the Pareto theory gets better for Bitcoins as only 2-4% of people own 80% of Bitcoins?
  • With the explosion in the interest for Crypto in India, what can the Indian Government consider?
  • What are the challenges that the Crypto space is currently facing?

With this discussion, you will agree not to disagree that the Crypto needs to be looked at as a blanket term and every element in this market has to be evaluated on a Crypto by Crypto basis because all are very different from each other with varied use cases. 

For the way the market is growing, it looks like we do not need any more speculators as we already have too many. What we really need are builders who can experiment and elevate the market. Better education and more entrepreneurs are the need of the hour!

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