The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Follow in 2021

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The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts to Follow in 2021 - WazirX

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the most happening technologies at the moment, and sometimes reading lengthy articles to access information can be a challenging and time-consuming task for many. In recent times, podcasts have emerged to be one of the most modern ways to keep yourself updated on nearly anything and everything. From current affairs to social media and sports to movie reviews, you can find a podcast that meets all your needs.

You can listen to them at your convenience, and it’s the same characteristics that make podcasts one of the best ways to keep track of crypto news, updates, and developments. By picking the best cryptocurrency podcasts, you can gather knowledge through both passive and active listening habits. The goal is to pick the podcast that is right for your needs, expertise level, and the time you can dedicate. Let us look at a few of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021.

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Right now, Unchained is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency podcasts out there. Laura Shin hosts this show, and it has been loved for its super-impressive coverage, especially the regulatory aspect of cryptocurrencies. As much as possible, it brings the most authentic information to the table and has also featured some of the best subject experts. The Unchained podcast is loved for its generally interactive style and it is mostly done in the form of an interview.

Laura Shin is an independent journalist and her podcast Unchained has been running since 2016, making it one of the more established podcasts in cryptocurrency. Former Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Brian Brooks, and SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce have come on the show to share their thoughts on the regulatory environment, while investors such as Michael Saylor and Chamath Palihapitiya discuss economic trends. Such added plus points make it one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021.

The Pomp Podcast

While The Pomp Podcast isn’t just about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you hear about trendy topics like mental health and viral content every once in a while. When Anthony Pompliano talks about crypto, it is extremely reliable. You can worry less and focus on how the content matters to your investment strategy. Even if crypto is just one of the many areas of your interest, you should check out this podcast.  His approach is to focus on the impact of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the decentralized web on the financial sector, from investing and fundraising to regulations.

Anthony Pompliano has over half a million followers on Twitter and is one of crypto’s big hitters. In the recent months on his show, he’s interviewed Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, former CFTC chairman Chris Giancarlo, and NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie. Apart from his background in crypto investing the quality of the guests, he is also the co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital. The Pomp podcast is for sure a worthwhile, perspective-widening listen for everyone and is one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021.

Bully Esquire

Despite being in its nascent stages, Bully Esquire is one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021. The host Bully Esquire explores the different legal aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. He is a corporate attorney, and his expertise is evident in the podcast’s content. He also brings in other experts from the field to keep all episodes crisp and exciting.

The podcast was recently launched in October 2020 and is a relative newcomer on the scene, but it is already off to a strong start. The format of the podcast is a familiar one, a long-form interview with most episodes clocking in at an hour, but the hook here is its host’s background as a corporate attorney. Bringing his legal advice to the table, he covers topics such as how lawyers are responding to the evolution of cryptocurrency regulations and the impact of crypto privacy on government policy.

Hashr8 Podcast

Unlike other podcasts, Hashr8 Podcast isn’t regularly updated. However, it has given out some of the best episodes on cryptocurrency tech and mining during the first few months of its launch. If you are someone who’d like to get into crypto mining and the technicalities, you should check out this podcast and this is definitely one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021. You will have to listen to the first few episodes to get the basics of the mining right, but if you’ve ever mined cryptocurrency, or even thought about doing so, then HASHR might be right up your alley.

The podcast explores interesting topics for both newcomers and advanced users in an accessible and entertaining way, providing knowledge with prominent figures in the world of cryptocurrency. Though much of the content circles around cryptocurrency mining and other recent developments in the sector, it also covers some of the less explored areas like how retail investors can grow their crypto stack and general investment tips and tricks.

Hash Power from Invest Like the Best

If you are looking for one of the best crypto podcasts to follow in 2021 that can get the basics right about blockchain, the Hash Power from Invest Like the Best is an amazing choice. In just three episodes, the host provides a comprehensive look at blockchain and explains how it works. Apart from this, Invest Like the Best could be your general source for investment advice. If you are looking for information on in-depth analysis of incidents and insights on the market situations, you can make a habit of listening to this podcast.


Epicenter podcast has been talking about crypto since 2013. When the podcast team talks about the recent developments in crypto and its economic implications, you can almost blindly trust them. Another impressive thing about the podcast is that their 400+ episodes are spread across various topics like Bitcoin, cryptography, privacy, AI, and proof-of-stake. Therefore, it is one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021 when it comes to tech podcasts that discuss cryptocurrencies.

It is one of the most established podcasts in the cryptocurrency world and it has hosted some of the biggest people like Charlie Shrem, Vitalik Buterin, and Joe Lubin to share their thoughts on the evolving world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in long-form interviews released every Thursday. Most of their episodes clock in at well over an hour, and some even run to two installments. The thoughtful Q&As and the hosts’ own opinions make an hour-plus episode feel like it’s not long enough.

What Bitcoin Did

What Bitcoin Did has risen to become one of the most popular crypto podcasts since its launch in 2017. The podcast has taken host Peter McCormack to over 30 countries as he tracks down and interviews leading figures in the crypto world like Winklevoss twins, Vitalik Buterin and Zooko Wilcox. The podcast is a good place to start for crypto beginners, with a handy Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin series to get you up to speed.

Bitcoin Audible

Guy Swann, the host on Bitcoin Audible has a knack for presenting even the most technical stuff in an easy-to-grasp way. The average length of an episode is about 60 minutes, and it covers pretty much everything you may have missed reading about Bitcoin in the last couple of days. He is one of the reasons why people started choosing podcasts over reading and this could be considered as one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts to follow in 2021.
There are obviously more than just eight podcasts about cryptocurrencies. However, plug your headphones in and enjoy it! By the way, if you are interested in cryptocurrency investments, feel free to create a free account on WazirX and enjoy access to all the famous cryptocurrencies and simple purchases, easy and secure purchases.

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