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This is the second addition to WazirX Education Partner Program – Snapper Future Tech, a Blockchain enterprise company. Our primary focus out here is Snapper’s educational counterpart, Indian Blockchain Institute (IBI) – which aims to make blockchain accessible to one and all.

Today, I am in conversation with Prashant Surana Jain, Co-Founder of Snapper Tech. 

Their aim is to “turn India into a Blockchain Superpower”.

Hey Prashant, so let’s cut to the chase, as I don’t want to take much of your time on a Saturday when you are chilling at your farmhouse :p.

We are very interested in knowing what it is that drove you to kickstart a project like Snapper Tech? What was the vision behind this? Could you care to elaborate? 

Snapper Tech was the product of all our vision and passion. We, at Snapper Tech, have been looking forward to making India blockchain-friendly since we came to know about it, and its uniqueness. 

A few years back, I attended a seminar in Singapore and met Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin. The conversation and the technology inspired me so much,, and so forth that I started researching more into it. I even invested in Bitcoin, lost quite a bit, but never gave up, and that was one of the best decisions I believe.

The more we dug deeper, the more we realized there had been a huge gap in the professionals’ skillset, as per the market demands. So in order to fill this gap, we started with the Indian Blockchain Institute in 2019, a community forum for all blockchain enthusiasts, mentors, influencers, etc.

That’s a great initiative! Every organisation has a set of target audiences. Which sector contributes the most when it comes to Snapper or IBI’s target audience- is it the students only or professionals as well?

We cater to all kinds of audiences- whoever is interested in learning and attaining knowledge. Most of the IBI subscribers are students, technical and business professionals. Every one of them is exposed to high-end program support like virtual modules, mentorship programs. The students can get internship opportunities on completion of the programs, and the professionals can build a strong CV and get jobs as per their specific learning curve.

Now, can you throw some light on how you guys are unique in your approach?

We are different in many ways, of which the main motive is to create “Blockchain as a Profession” and boost the community by producing amazing innovators. We make sure that the learning experience at IBI remains personalized with live instructor-led classes. Moreover, we are the only one offering practical hands via our IBI Virtual Labs: a seamless cloud set up for our learners to code, execute, and build applications across industries.

Sounds interesting! Lastly, we’d like to know your plans in terms of Snapper Tech’s growth and innovation?

I think Snapper is on the right track with all our initiatives up and running. Snapper has grown from a typical garage-like start-up to a team of over 40+ people and global investors. We have significantly invested in Initiatives in the best possible way to be where we are today. We have grown and groomed Blockchain Ed-tech Community with IBI and Media companies like Snapperbuzz to share the knowledge and success stories about Crypto & Enterprise Blockchain Space.

I am very happy and proud of my marvelous team to take risks and join us when no one could learn & de learn, try- fail-innovate-iterate-repeat with all their hearts and souls. The way it has been moving has always been exciting, and we see our blockchain platforms & initiatives to be fueling “DATA ECONOMY” in a significant and valuable way. 

About Snapper Future Tech/ Indian Blockchain Institute

Snapper Future Tech was founded in 2017 by a team of five, with an aim to detect frauds, in terms of industry-wide authentication claims, with the help of blockchain technology. After two years, the Indian Blockchain Institute came into the origin, after these five blockchain enthusiasts realized the pain area of the education system.

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