Introducing WazirX Education Partner – Inblox Academy

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Today we welcome our fourth Education Partner – Inblox Academy, an eminent part of the Inblox Network. 

I spoke to Abhimanyu Kashyap, the founder, and CEO of Inblox Network. He took me through the Inblox lifecycle, and how is it enabling the students/aspirants to meet their career goals via the academy vertical.

I got the most interesting answer on asking how he came up with the idea of starting up Inblox, which is inclined towards transforming businesses through blockchain infrastructure as a service.

Since 2012, Abhimanyu had been eyeing on the nuances of blockchain when many of us were oblivious to what blockchain or cryptocurrency was. During his Masters in Nottingham, he was introduced to Bitcoin by one of his Russian friends. After that, he followed Bitcoin and the technology behind it closely. Eventually, his interest in mathematical algorithms and blockchain intertwined and worked wonders, as he started taking an interest in cryptocurrency mining. In 2013, Abhimanyu also ventured into a crypto startup, Go4anything – and came up with his own cryptocurrency called Flip coin. After taking a sabbatical for two years, he came back into the picture when Ethereum and the smart contract technology gained popularity. 

Finally, he realized that blockchain could turn out to be the next revolution like the Internet, and the right set of knowledge-seekers are not getting the right tools and infrastructure to build their professional skills. 

That was when he founded the Inblox Network in August 2018. The Inblox Academy came into action very recently.

It was pretty interesting how he stumbled upon blockchain. Then, he spoke about the target segment for Inblox Academy. 

Abhimanyu spoke on how Inblox is open to all kinds of knowledge-seekers. Students and all kinds of professionals can opt for the Blockchain Foundations Practioner Course at no cost. Everyone needs to go through the mandatory basic foundational course before choosing any other blockchain-related courses for specialization. Inblox Academy aims to uplift the technological skills for both-experienced and novices.

So, I probed him further as to how is Inblox Academy unique in its approach.

Abhimanyu explained the “STEP” up approach (Sourcing, Training, Experience and Placement), which is a huge differentiator for Inblox. This methodology includes headhunting the right talent and giving them a compatible ecosystem, where they can showcase their skillsets by utilizing the proper tools and infrastructure. It’s a customized approach where they source the right set of candidates and train them on-the-job so that they can land themselves in their dream career. 

The iGurukul program got pushed to 2021 because of the rise in the pandemic. Inblox is planning to have atleast one partner University in every city in order to provide accessibility to the students from all over India. Now, the Inblox Academy is mainly focusing on virtual sessions and mentorship programs.

Inblox’s plans to grow the existing ecosystem with millions of new students and professionals learning about blockchain Academy. Inblox would serve both businesses and students to groom their skills to meet their respective goals.

About Inblox Academy

Inblox Academy is the most recent addition to the Inblox network, aiming to uplift the skillsets of both early adopters and experienced professionals. Inblox Academy is working towards adding value to every individual interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

WazirX Partnership With Inblox Academy

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