Highest Trader Kaun: BAT/INR

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Trade BAT and win

Namaste Tribe! BAT/INR trading is live on WazirX, and it calls for a Highest Trader Kaun contest. Don your trading caps, and get ready to trade and win some BAT tomorrow!

We’re giving away ₹1,00,000 worth BAT! Share this

How can I participate and win?

Winners will be decided on the basis of the volume and number of BAT traded in our INR market. Here’s how to qualify:

👉 For volume of trades: Minimum trade volume of ₹5,000 worth of BAT

👉 For number of trades: Minimum 50 trades

When is the contest?

Tuesday, 23rd June: 9 AM — 9 PM IST

Click here to invite your friends to participate!

What’s the bounty?

For volume of trades:

  • For the highest volume of trades: 1317.8 BAT (worth ₹25,000)
  • For the 2nd highest volume of trades: 843.3 BAT (worth ₹16,000)
  • For the 3rd highest volume of trades: 632.5 BAT (worth ₹12,000)
  • For each of the next top 17 highest volume of trades: 52.7 BAT (worth ₹1,000)

Total bounty for volume of trades is ₹70,000 worth BAT

For the number of trades:

  • For the highest number of trades: 474.4 BAT (worth ₹9,000)
  • For the 2nd highest number of trades: 263.5 BAT (worth ₹5,000)
  • For the 3rd highest number of trades: 126.5 BAT (worth ₹2,400)
  • For each of the next top 17 highest number of trades: 42.1 BAT (worth ₹800)

Total bounty for number of trades is ₹30,000 worth BAT

Note: You can qualify for only one category of bounty (volume or number) whichever has a higher value. For example, if you’re the 2nd highest trader in terms of number, and 2nd highest in terms of volume, then you’ll get bounty for the “volume”. Also, self-trading is not allowed.

Take advantage of the contest leaderboard, trade smartly and win!

Calling all you BAT traders. Both volume as well as number of trades matter, so bring on your A-game!

Prizes will be distributed within 5 days.

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