Grand WAVES Giveaway worth $20,000

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Namaste Tribe! WazirX and WAVES have partnered for a host of activities, and amazing giveaways for you. We are giving away total prize of WAVES worth $20,000.

WazirX is organizing a grand WAVES giveaway worth $20,000! Share this

WAVES Giveaway Schedule

  • 19th August, Telegram AMA — Sten Lockholm, Strategic Advisor to Waves Association will answer all your questions on WAVES in WazirX Telegram group. Total prizes of $100 worth WAVES for top 10 questions on Wednesday, 5 PM
  • 20th & 21st August, Highest Trader Kaun Marathon — Total prizes of $6,500 worth WAVES is up for grabs for top WAVES/USDT traders on 20th & 21st August 2020, 9 AM — 9 PM IST
  • 22nd August, Quiz Time with WazirX — Show off your WAVES knowledge in a fun quiz session on WazirX Telegram group. $300 worth WAVES is up for grabs on Saturday, 6 PM IST
  • 24th August, WAVES Airdrop — WAVES worth $12,000 will be airdropped to the top 1200 WRX holders on WazirX for being loyal customers

WAVES Trivia

Waves Platform’s mission lies in creating an ecosystem that aims to accelerate the shift from centralized to decentralized systems and an emphasis on the individual’s control of their own funds and assets, personal data, and privacy. Waves Platform describes itself as an open network for Web 3.0 applications and custom decentralized solutions, with a range of purpose-designed tools for making the process of developing and running dApps easy and accessible. Launched in 2016, Waves has since released several blockchain-based solutions. Waves’ technology is designed to address the needs of developers and companies that want to leverage the properties of blockchain systems – including their security, auditability, verifiability and the trustless execution of transactions and business logic.

Waves Platform claims to provide everything required to support the backend of Web 3.0 services. In 2017, Waves launched its mainnet with LPoS, decentralized exchange DEX, and later the Waves-NG protocol. In 2018, the Waves development team delivered the first implementation of smart contracts. This was followed by the release of the RIDE programming language in 2019, Straightforward, Predictable and Failproof language for programming logic. In June 2019 the mainnet of Waves Enterprise, a global private blockchain solution, was launched. All of this is complemented with a broad infrastructure: an IDE for sandbox development, tools, SDKs, libraries, frameworks, and protocols for convenient and easy integrations.
Waves Platform consists of three core layers:

  • Protocol layer: LPoS, Waves-NG, fixed fees, easy mining start, various transactions models
  • Infrastructure layer: Keeper for private key management, IDE for sandbox development, smart-contracts programming language RIDE and other tools for dApp development, API’s, libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Application layer: basic core open-source apps (decentralized exchange, mobile apps, and voting) and various dApps running on the network.

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