Education Partner Program – The Blockchain School Cohort Report

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The Blockchain School, one of our education partners, introduced a unique 60-day ‘Blockchain Masterclass’ cohort, which included crypto awareness and career sessions by market experts. 70% of attendance was maintained throughout the two-month event, which took place from October 18, 2020 – December 18, 2020.

Here are some of the highlights from the program –

  • 30 students were selected out of 250 applicants, who were further divided into 5 sub-teams (Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta, and Epsilon) of 6 in each.
  • The cohort was mostly focused on blockchain fundamentals and implementations. The major project they worked on was ‘Decentralized Twitter’ or Dwitter on Ethereum blockchain.

Here are some of the testimonials on their experience of this 60-day event:

Blockchain Masterclass taught me more than one could expect, from live sessions, project building to hands-on coding discussions among teams under the expertise and support!

– Ankit Nalkar, Team Beta

It was my first cohort-based masterclass. I learned so many new things about blockchain. Mentors are awesome. Learning methods, quality resources, right guidance are the main highlighted points about this class.

– Mahesh Kamble, Team Delta

Here’s a video snippet, which gives a sneak peek into the Blockchain masterclass:

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