Crypto Philanthropy and India’s Battle

Sandeep Nailwal on Crypto Philanthropy and India's Battle

CNBC-TV18 in conversation with Sandeep Nailwal

As India battles the second wave of Covid-19, there is immense pressure on the healthcare industry. Players from different domains have joined hands to help the frontliners and fight this pandemic. The Crypto community has joined in as well – in India and globally too. 

Sandeep Nailwal, in episode 13 of ‘Digital Assets Of The Future – Crypto ‘, talks about how many people from the Crypto community wanted to come forward and help the society during these challenging times but were unsure of how to do so because of the regulatory uncertainties. He then elaborates on the ongoing covid relief initiatives taken up by the Crypto community. 

In this episode, you can get answers to questions like:

  • With no guidelines from the Government – regarding foreign funds and Crypto, how is the Crypto community working towards doing their bit in this pandemic?
  • How have big names contributed to the covid relief initiatives?
  • How is the Crypto native world going to evolve?
  • Who is currently managing the records and accounts of contributors (Crypto specific)? How is compliance ensured?
  • How have NFT’s helped in gathering the covid relief fund?
  • How is Polygon functioning currently? How can scalability be evaluated here?
  • How has the Indian market contributed to the growth of Polygon?
  • How is the DeFi market growing?

Ethereum can be used to build decentralized applications. Polygon is a scaling solution on Ethereum. 

– Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & COO Polygon

Blockchain is a spectacular technology. It helps in tracking the source and destination of Crypto contributions effortlessly. With this technology in place, the process of collection and disbursement of covid relief funds gathered by the Crypto community has been transparent and completely traceable.  

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