Celebrate #WazirXTradingFest with ZERO trading fee

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Celebrate #WazirXTradingFest with ZERO trading fee

Namaste Tribe! This year has been a tough year for everyone but also an amazing year for crypto in India and globally! As our tribe, you’ve always supported us, and what can be better than ending 2020 by giving you the biggest offer. So get ready to celebrate #WazirXTradingFest where you can trade unlimited crypto in our INR market at ZERO trading fee from Tuesday, 29th December 2020 to Thursday, 31st December 2020.

Celebrate #WazirXTradingFest! Buy, sell, trade 20+ crypto in INR market of WazirX at ZERO trading fee! Share this

What is the offer period?

Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 12 AM IST — Thursday, 31st December 2020, 11:59 PM IST

What is the offer?

  • Pay ZERO trading fee to buy, sell any crypto in our INR market.
  • There is no limit on trading. You can trade unlimited crypto at ZERO trading fee during the offer period.
  • Offer is not applicable on USDT/INR trading.

During #WazirXTradingFest, you can trade BTC, ETH, WRX and 20+ tokens for ZERO fee in our INR market – the market with the highest liquidity in India! Can the 2020 end any better? Go on, make the most of this trading fest. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and invite them to trade on WazirX.

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Happy trading! 2020 may have had a lot of downs, but let’s end it at the highest of highs.

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