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As part of the WazirX Campus Outreach initiative, we have reached our seventh destination, i.e., IIT Varanasi, one of India’s leading technology colleges. The webinar was conducted by Pranav Maheshwari, co-founder of Qualki Academy – one of our education partners.

Here’s a snapshot of what happened at the webinar:

  • 112 students attended the session, which explained the inception of digital currencies and how it is useful.
  • There were many questions from the attendees, where they probed further about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Let’s check out some of the feedback from the students of IIT BHU:

The best part about the session was where he proves physical money unfit. It would have been great if the session was longer – there was much to cover, and it was so interesting.

— Arul Ashri, IIT BHU

It was great for beginners, and people interested in blockchain. I liked everything about the workshop, especially the flow.

— Disha Agarwalla, IIT BHU

The webinar received a rating of 4.5/5.

Here’s a snippet video where Pranav explained about the Zimbabwe inflation:

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