Buy, Sell, Trade (YFI) on WazirX

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Buy, Sell, Trade YFI on WazirX

Namaste Tribe! (YFI) is listed on WazirX and you can buy, sell, trade YFI in our USDT market.

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YFI Listing Schedule

  • Deposits — You can deposit YFI from another wallet to WazirX
  • Trading — You can buy, sell, trade YFI in our USDT market
  • Withdrawals — You can withdraw YFI from your WazirX wallet

About YFI is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform which aims to perform a host of functions such as aggregated liquidity, leveraged trading, and automated marketing making. YFI is the native token in the yearn. finance platform. Users can earn it by contributing liquidity to’s liquidity pool and use the token for platform governance.

In the current iteration of yEarn, the flagship product is its automated yield farming contract, called vaults. Each vault allows users to deposit a particular token, and the protocol automates yield farming strategies by moving providers’ funds between platforms such as dYdX, Aave, and Compound. Several smaller investors can deposit their tokens in yEarn, pooling funds to form one large investor, thereby netting and minimizing transaction fees associated with depositing funds into a pool.

Andre Cronje created yEarn Finance to automate the process of manually moving funds between DeFi money markets to secure the best lending rate. iEarn Finance, as it was then called, was released to the public. What started as a yield aggregation instrument evolved into a platform that supported automated liquidity mining strategies.

  • Trading price (past 24 hrs): $32,222.85 USD
  • Global Market Cap (past 24 hrs): $965,636,818 USD
  • Global Trading Volume (past 24 hrs): $646,777,345 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 29,967 YFI
  • Total Supply: 30,000 YFI

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