600 days of #IndiaWantsCrypto

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bitcoin legal in India

Namaste Tribe! Today, we have completed 600 days of our #IndiaWantsCrypto campaign to fight for crypto in India.

#IndiaWantsCrypto was not just a stand against the RBI circular, or to make it possible for exchanges to function without hassle. We had a clear vision since the beginning – to make crypto accessible to the masses in India.

This means creating an environment where crypto and blockchain can thrive. However, the vision also includes creation of a safe environment for investors and traders, which means positive regulation.

RBI circular was just one obstacle in the way. It was a great moment for the industry when we won the case. But the war is not yet over. At WazirX, we are fighting for positive regulations, which will mean:

  • Investor protection
  • Positive regulations that every crypto business has to adhere to
  • A positive dialogue with the lawmakers about regulating the industry

Today is a milestone in this journey. Let us look at some of the great moments.

What started as one tweet a day, has now turned into a massive movement! This movement will only get bigger with each person joining.

When the global community joined:

So come on, join the #IndiaWantsCrypto movement, and let’s fight together for crypto!

Jai Hind flag: India

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