5 reasons why Bitcoin prices are on a rise

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Reasons why Bitcoin prices are on a rise - WazirX

As of March 2021, the cryptocurrency market is worth around US$1.7 trillion, out of which US$1 trillion is Bitcoin alone. Bitcoin is still so dominant that all altcoins’ collective price action continues to depend on Bitcoin largely. Its value has been increasing since its inception; it has made many millionaires and even Billionaires in the past decade. It seems that Bitcoin’s value will keep on increasing in the foreseeable future. 

This begs the question – why is Bitcoin’s value on the rise, and how to buy Bitcoins in India?

#1 The tech that Bitcoin delivers

Blockchain was first presented to the world in the 90s, but it didn’t gain much traction at that time. Bitcoin was the first successful implementation of the technology. The idea of a trustless and privacy-centric payment system is quite intriguing. 

Bitcoin was followed by thousands of other cryptocurrencies, which either aimed to improve Bitcoin’s technology. This mass adaption was one of the biggest reasons for an increase in Bitcoin’s value

#2 Deflationary tokenomics

Bitcoin’s value is always on the rise, not just because of its tech; tokenomics is also equally responsible. Tokenomics is a study of understanding the supply and demand model of a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has a deflationary model of tokenomics; this means it will reduce the supply with time. 

After every 210,000 blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain has been mined, Bitcoin reduces its supply by 50%. In the early days of Bitcoin, the mining rewards of one block of Bitcoin was 50 BTC, which was reduced to 25 in 2012 and 12.5 in 2016. After the third Bitcoin halving, in 2020, the mining reward is 6.5 Bitcoin. This mining algorithm will go on until all 21 million Bitcoins have been mined, effectively increasing Bitcoin’s value over time. 

#3 A good hedge against a bear market

Experts around the world are anticipating a major crash in the stock markets. Gold is also entering a bear market; more and more companies are investing in Bitcoin to hedge against the stock market. Companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy have invested billions of dollars in Bitcoins, promotion mass adoption, and Bitcoin’s value.

#4 Not just “dark money”

Imagine going to burger king and paying in Bitcoin or buying the new Halo game for your Xbox in Bitcoins. All this can be done since multiple top-tier companies now accept Bitcoin as a legitimate payment option. You can even recharge with Bitcoins; if you are in New Zealand, you can get paid in Bitcoins. All this is showing how the world is evolving and understanding that Bitcoin is more than just “dark money” or a “bubble,” this day to day use of Bitcoin is also contributing to its value.

#5 Layer 2 solutions 

Bitcoin is the first of the cryptocurrencies. Hence it is not perfect; there are many flaws in the system, the biggest being the transaction speed is slow. It takes around 10 mins for a Bitcoin transaction to take place; on the other hand, Visa or MasterCard can process fiat transactions in seconds.

This slow transaction speed could be a challenge since it makes Bitcoins virtually useless in the type of transactions mentioned above. It’s why many Layer-2 solutions were thus introduced by the community, like the Ethereum Plasma network and Bitcoin Lightning Network. With these layer 2 solutions, users can withdraw or send Bitcoins and complete the transaction in some seconds and decrease the fees, effectively increasing local adoption and increasing Bitcoin’s value. Expect this trend to continue as innovations continue to push for more mass adoption.

Bitcoin’s adoption increases its value, but to increase adoption in countries like India, exchanges like WazirX, which introduced a fiat pair to buy Bitcoin in India, also played a major role. Introducing a fiat pair (BTC/INR) facilitates users to buy Bitcoins in India with INR, which is way more convenient and cost-effective than buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies with foreign currency. 

There have been several predictions on Bitcoin’s price already. We’ve even covered the top 5 Bitcoin price predictions for 2021 in a separate post. And Bitcoin’s hype isn’t just driving up its own price. It’s causing ridiculously high price predictions for Ethereum as well – as much as $5000 in 2021! Certainly, a great time to be in the market, don’t you think?

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